Tuesday, January 17, 2012


2012 - Doom's Year? End of the world? Perhaps?
I can see that climate change on the weather!
Since 1st Jan 2012, everyday we are HOT like Lady Gaga! Sweat like Dato Lee in the badminton court!

Development is so rapid!
Final year in Cyberjaya Uni Life.
1st day i came, all around the campus was only 9 blocks apartment and whole lots of oil palm plantation.
Today, all around us are concrete building up.
Weather so HOT, Lotus burnt but still stand by not surrender to the weather just like us.
Sun shine, Flower bloom
Thanks god we still can have this atmosphere right now.
Be responsible to our environment, take whatever action we can to protect our mother earth.
Future is in our hand.

Good luck People.

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