Friday, November 18, 2011


If given you 7 wishes, what will you choose?
A simple question comes from my housemate, and my answer are:
1. Time
2. Freedom
3. House
4. Family
5. Friends

and i said left 2, i still have no idea right now.
This time, a big big slap on my face when he asked me back, what about healthy? You don't want healthy?
LOL. The most important thing in our Life, somehow this is the thing that we always neglect!!

When this question back to me, seriously found out that nowadays we are so materialistic!
We tend to forget our healthy, miss a lot of precious moment in our Life, just because we are chasing after luxury Life.

Everyone have their own target, everyone tends to choose the Life they want in the future.
However, healthy is so damn important.
Spend some time to relax yourself.

In this wooden building game, to archive the final goal, the foundation is the most important thing!
One hit wonder never last long.
At least we have foundation, even fall, it's still not so pain.
Take care people.


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