Sunday, October 28, 2012


New chapter begins...

Since the last post, there are some changes in ma Life.
1. Single -> Couple
2. Student -> Working
3. Cyberjaya -> KL

March - 2012 - Fate bring us together after 5 years hit and miss. Thanks god I was given the chance of having you before we are leaving apart for our career. Although there are small arguments and fightings throughout the whole journey, it made me understand better and become a better one in ma Life. Thank you.

Our relationship is as close as good friend, as intimate as couple :)

June - 2012 - Welcom On-Board! Officially became a working adult. Everything starts from scratch. Thank you I met great colleagues that willing to teach me all the time. People learn to be tough-minded throughout the courage of facing stresses. I always believe no pain no gain.

Sustain over years of rains & winds. Learn to be tough like you.

Time still moving, Life still going. People comes, people leaves. Everyone going for their future. Some leaving to Singapore, some back to Penang, some to JB and left few in KL. I miss the time we all hang out together, I miss the time we chit-chat in deep. Although everything keep changing, friendship never change :>

Move on.

Good luck everyone.

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