Saturday, November 3, 2012


Aloha November - 2012

Cheers Weekend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The day - I changed my status to In a relationship.
Officially, I am signing up to Eat-Drink-Play-Shopping club :D

Club activity - Accompany Girlfriend Shopping Shopping


SHE Changed..

HE Waits..

Boyfriend Pass!
Activity -End-

p/s: This post is for fun only. The main purpose is to show images that have been captured. 
pp/s: Welcome to leave me comment if those guys who find resonance here. xD 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


New chapter begins...

Since the last post, there are some changes in ma Life.
1. Single -> Couple
2. Student -> Working
3. Cyberjaya -> KL

March - 2012 - Fate bring us together after 5 years hit and miss. Thanks god I was given the chance of having you before we are leaving apart for our career. Although there are small arguments and fightings throughout the whole journey, it made me understand better and become a better one in ma Life. Thank you.

Our relationship is as close as good friend, as intimate as couple :)

June - 2012 - Welcom On-Board! Officially became a working adult. Everything starts from scratch. Thank you I met great colleagues that willing to teach me all the time. People learn to be tough-minded throughout the courage of facing stresses. I always believe no pain no gain.

Sustain over years of rains & winds. Learn to be tough like you.

Time still moving, Life still going. People comes, people leaves. Everyone going for their future. Some leaving to Singapore, some back to Penang, some to JB and left few in KL. I miss the time we all hang out together, I miss the time we chit-chat in deep. Although everything keep changing, friendship never change :>

Move on.

Good luck everyone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


2012 - Doom's Year? End of the world? Perhaps?
I can see that climate change on the weather!
Since 1st Jan 2012, everyday we are HOT like Lady Gaga! Sweat like Dato Lee in the badminton court!

Development is so rapid!
Final year in Cyberjaya Uni Life.
1st day i came, all around the campus was only 9 blocks apartment and whole lots of oil palm plantation.
Today, all around us are concrete building up.
Weather so HOT, Lotus burnt but still stand by not surrender to the weather just like us.
Sun shine, Flower bloom
Thanks god we still can have this atmosphere right now.
Be responsible to our environment, take whatever action we can to protect our mother earth.
Future is in our hand.

Good luck People.

Friday, November 18, 2011


If given you 7 wishes, what will you choose?
A simple question comes from my housemate, and my answer are:
1. Time
2. Freedom
3. House
4. Family
5. Friends

and i said left 2, i still have no idea right now.
This time, a big big slap on my face when he asked me back, what about healthy? You don't want healthy?
LOL. The most important thing in our Life, somehow this is the thing that we always neglect!!

When this question back to me, seriously found out that nowadays we are so materialistic!
We tend to forget our healthy, miss a lot of precious moment in our Life, just because we are chasing after luxury Life.

Everyone have their own target, everyone tends to choose the Life they want in the future.
However, healthy is so damn important.
Spend some time to relax yourself.

In this wooden building game, to archive the final goal, the foundation is the most important thing!
One hit wonder never last long.
At least we have foundation, even fall, it's still not so pain.
Take care people.


Sunday, October 23, 2011


Back in Uni Life, and I'm gonna say I miss Penang so much!
Just a sharing on a shop in Penang.
Anyone love chinese tea, may have a drop at this place.
Tea Home Cafe,茶水乡

Good luck everyone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Had a short holiday with family on last week.
Just some photo sharing here:

Good luck everyone.